MotoCove ATV Area In Virginia

MotoCove Trail Information

Regular Season: Year Round

Trail Length: 30 Miles

Difficulty Rating: 5/5

What's Allowed

ATVs: Yes

UTVs: Yes

Dirt Bikes: Yes

Trailhead Locations

Other Information

Trail Map: Click Here

Camping Information: Click Here


The MotoCove ATV Area rests amongst thousands of private acres in the Appalachian Mountains. It is actually apart of a privately owned tree farm and has trails for almost everything with a motor! The ATV Park is open year-round for ATV’s and Side by Sides (If you own something larger like a Jeep, call ahead to know when you can ride)! As for what to expect on the trails…rocks and hills. Lots and lots of rocks and hills. If you like technical riding and navigating through areas where you really have to pay attention to how you are progressing along the trails, this may be the trail for you.

Seriously…this trail can be fun, but it really does have lots of rocky trails! To see even more on the trail, make sure to check out the video above.

Aside from the trails, this can be a fun place to spend the weekend due to their on site campground and other activities. The downside, you can’t ride your machine in the campground area.

The Moto Campground is located deep in the woods. They have no gas or food options available, and are far away from any gas stations, restaurants, or grocery stores. We recommend you fuel up and get any food you need prior to arriving at The Moto Cove Campground.

Moto Campground has RV and tent sites available! Additionally they have a couple cabins for rent right along the lake for rent. Click the link below to inquire on pricing and reservations. Other amenities include a rifle range, a beach with swimming area, and some options for group events.

Click here for pricing and more camping information

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