Chengwatana ATV Trail

Trail Conditions

Regular Season: Year-round

Trail Length: 22 Miles

Difficulty Rating: 2/5

What's Allowed

ATVs: Yes

UTVs: Up to 65"

Dirt Bikes: Yes

Other Information

Trail Map: Click Here

Trail Conditions: Click Here

Local ATV Club: Unknown

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More Information

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  • Gas & Food
  • Lodging
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Trail Description

The Chengwatana ATV Trail system is located in the Chengwatana State Forest. This trail system is just East of Pine City, and less than two hours North of the Twin Cities. This trail is approximately 15 miles in length, but with its close location to the Twin Cities, offers great opportunities to get away for a nice day trip. The trail also takes full advantage of the 15 miles by offering a verity of terrain as you go.

While the terrain changes between water holes, smooth gravel, and slightly rough terrain, it can be a great trip for riders of most experience levels. This trail system is easy enough for newer riders to enjoy, but also has enough variety for even the more experienced rider to stay entertained.

Gas & Food

There is no gas along this trail system. The closest gas would be approximately 15 minutes away in Pine City. There is also no food options along the trail. It is recommended to have food with you prior to getting close to the trail.



There are primitive campsites available for use along the trail. However, there are only a couple of them, and there are no amenities such as bathrooms (Think a clearing between the trees and a firepit).


There are no hotel options along the trail or in the immediate area.



There is one designated bathroom (outhouse) located at the main trailhead. This is the only bathroom on the trail system

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