Minnesota Off-road Trails

Difficulty Level: 2/5

The Chengwatana ATV Trail is located approximately 15 minutes East of Pine City, and less than two hours from the Twin Cities. This area has around 15 miles of designated riding trails, can make a great day trip, and even hosts a gun range right along the trail.

Difficulty Level: 2/5

The Emily - Outing ATV Trail consists of many different loops which you can hit without having to double back on the same ATV trails. This system is largely in the woods and consists of everything from water holes to areas of mud, dirt, and flat terrain.  This system also connects with the Soo Line North trail if you really want to get the miles in!

Difficulty Level: 1/5

Located North of Duluth in Silver Bay, the Moose Walk ATV Trail is part of Minnesota's ATV trail network that runs along part of the North Shore. If you are looking for a trail to spend a few days, get in some miles, and enjoy some beautiful scenery, this trail may be what you are looking for.