Lets keep this short...

Midwest ATV has a simple goal in mind, to help you enjoy the off-road more by providing you as much useful information as possible. We do this primarily through trail information, reviews, tips, tricks, and news. Our main avenues to provide you this information are this website, YouTube, and Instagram (O.K., Instagram is mostly for awesome photos).

OK Fine, the origin story


This is where is all started...well sort of. My family and I have enjoyed exploring new trails and finding new places to ride for years. However, the hardest part of this process was figuring out where trails actually where, and what to expect when we got there. Are they flat? Are they technical? Are there towns around to stop and eat at?

So one day it just clicked, a database needed to be built with as many trails as possible. Not just a website with the name of a trail, but real information. It should be easy for riders to find new places to explore, not hard. So from there, Navigate Offroad was born.

Youtube & Instagram

This simply wasn't enough though. I wanted to help riders see the trail. Not to take away from their exploration of it, but so they could get a better understanding of if it was the type of trail and experience they are looking for. After all, there are many types of riders that enjoy many different styles of riding.

So my long suppressed love for videography and content creation kicked in. I realized almost instantly how much I love riding, creating , and editing content.

So Here we are

Over time, this has led me (Chris) to develop Navigate Offroad to what it is day. Many different ideas have been tried and tested, some have failed...bad! That's O.K. though, because some have worked out, and it has led to what Navigate Offroad is now, a trustworthy brand built around helping riders in three big ways:

  1. Trail authority: Helping riders find great trails that meet their wants
  2. Product & vehicle testing: Providing honest reviews on not
  3. just machines, but the products you put your hard earned money towards making even better
  4. News & Tips: Proving you the latest in Offroad news as well as sharing tips and tricks to help you more easily, explore the unpaved.